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Karl Anderson, (carlito_XXXL) - Brand Ambassador

DATE OF BIRTH: May 17, 1988, in Sweden
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Stockholm, Sweden
HEIGHT: 5'5" (165 cm)
CONTEST WEIGHT: 220 lbs (100 kg)

My biggest love in life is bodybuilding. It saved me from a negative lifestyle, and gave me something positive to focus on. I used to be really skinny, but one day I saw a picture of Arnold, and decided I wanted to get bigger.

I was a troubled kid, and wound up being put on an island outside of Stockholm. I lived there with a family. Turned out the father was a fireman, and they had a gym at the fire station. It wasn't much, they only had a bench press with weights up to 50 kg, and two 10 kg dumbbells. I trained there for 4 months and I gained a lot of weight. I went from 40 kg to 75kg, in 6 months.

My mother came to visit me, and gave me my first jug of protein, and she talked to the home I was living in to get them to let me travel to the real gym on the mainland. I had to take two boats to come to the big island, and then transfer to the bus to get to the gym. I spent four hours of the day, just travelling to and from the gym.

After I had been lifting for two years, I finally started doing legs. My quads just exploded in size, but I still had no calves. In 2013, I moved to Thailand for one year. I stopped training my other body parts, and just focused on calves every single day. They finally grew, and now they are one of my freakiest body parts.

I have always trained with high repetitions since the beginning. It just felt right to focus on a massive pump, and hard contractions. I have never been a fan of training really heavy in the lower rep ranges.