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Leg Day in Vancouver - DUSTY HANSHAW style [Full workout]

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Dusty Hanshaw: LEG DAY - Dropset Session

IFBB Pro Dusty Hanshaw destroys CHEST + DELTS five weeks out!


IFBB Pro Dusty Hanshaw's BACK BREAKER session (Back day)

Dusty Hanshaw's PROTEIN MUG CAKE - Full recipe - Mutant Meals


Dusty Hanshaw, IFBB Pro

DATE OF BIRTH: May 7, 1981, in Spokane, Washington, USA
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
HEIGHT: 5'10" (178 cm)
CONTEST WEIGHT: 255 lbs (116 kg)
OFF SEASON WEIGHT: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Since I was a kid I was planning on being a professional athlete. I was on the path to doing so as a hockey player, until I sustained a career ending shoulder injury. Having only had one focus in life, I was immediately lost. At 19 years of age, it was time to realize that I was not going to play professional hockey. Like anyone at that point I was forced to just go out and get a job to make a living. So, I joined a gym and just started working out. Just a few weeks into my membership, I saw a poster for a local show and decided that I would compete.

Most assume that it was love at first attempt, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I was (and am) a fat kid at heart, and I hated every second of my diet but was too stubborn to quit. As soon as the show was over, I vowed to never do that again. As fate would have it, I ended up working in a supplement store and five years later I found myself dieting once again. This time I grew to love the sacrifice and suffering involved in the process. I finished a disappointing 4th place at that show, but it was that disappointment that drove me to start taking the sport more seriously and set the tone for the rest of my career.

Becoming a MUTANT has been a great experience. The progressive, forward thinking company, meets the hardcore athlete. I have only been a MUTANT for a short time, but it's already safe to say that the decision to join forces has been a great one.

Monday: Quads and Calves
Tuesday: Chest and Delts
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Back
Friday: Hams and Calves
Saturday: Arms
Sunday: OFF
***Abs done three times a week year round.

Ex 1: Extensions 4 X 20-25 reps with a hard 2 count pause at the contraction
Ex 2: Leg Press 4 X 20-25 reps with a full pause at the top of each rep
Ex 3: Hack Squats 4 X 12-15 reps with a pause at the bottom of each rep
Ex 4: BB Walking Lunges 3 X 12 steps per leg

Meal 1: 14 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 cup oats
Meal 2: 12 oz chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 300 g green beans
Meal 3: 12 oz chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 300 g green beans
Meal 4: 12 oz chicken breast, 8 oz potato
Meal 5: 12 oz flank steak, 300 g green beans
Meal 6: 14 egg whites

All you can eat sushi for dinner.
Then a brownie with 3 scoops vanilla bean ice cream, drenched with chocolate syrup for dessert.

I have a real OCD issue with weights in the gym. Bars and machines have to be lined up with the floor mats, ceiling tiles, or the mirrors (depending on the movement). If there are handles cut into the plates, they all need to be lined up. Under no circumstances can I use two dumbells or handles if they aren't the exact same diameter and feel. I also have to make sure all the plates face inwards, even if I'm on the leg press where it's not even free weight.