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Cole Eastvold, Brand Ambassador

DATE OF BIRTH: May 31, 1989, Minnesota, USA
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Rochester, Minnesota , USA
HEIGHT: 5'11" (180 cm)
CONTEST WEIGHT: 270 lbs (123 kg)

I grew up in LeRoy, MN, a very small town, with a population of about 900. When I was 15 years old I started lifting weights with a couple of friends 3x a week before school. I quickly became addicted. At this point I had no interest in doing competitive bodybuilding, but just being bigger and stronger. I did however look through a lot of Flex and MD magazines, during the Ronnie Coleman Vs Jay Cutler era, so I started getting extra motivated. I continued to train and follow my passion for bodybuilding throughout all of high school and college.

My first bodybuilding show was in November of 2010. I knew very little about nutrition at this point, but I had met a local competitive bodybuilder, who was nice enough to give me a few tips. Even though I did not place very well at my first show, the entire experience had me hooked on bodybuilding. I dedicated the next 5 years to becoming the best bodybuilder I could possibly be. Then I met my current friend and coach Coty Reutzel, who has guided me for the last 3 years now. In that time frame I won the Super Heavy class at the 2014 NPC Minnesota State, The Heavyweight and Overall at the NPC Brew City in WI, and competed as a Heavyweight in the 2015 USA championships in Vegas.

I have big plans for the future, and will be looking to hit another National show in 2016.

My background with MUTANT: I had won the 2014 MUTANT Of The Year contest, and I joined as a Brand Ambassador shortly after competing in the USA's in 2015. I have enjoyed being part of the family, and look forward to the future.