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  • Mutant Pro
    Gold Standard Quality. 100% Gourmet Taste. ALL NEW MUTANT® PRO is the most cutting-edge protein we've ever formulated! Each scoop contains 24 grams of time-released whey, 11.7 grams of EAAs, 5.5 grams of BCAAs and other growth factors needed to maximize performance when added to your diet and training. MUTANT PRO is engineered in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to maintain gold-standard quality in every bottle.
    100% Gourmet Taste We don't mean to brag, but we challenge any competitor to match the mouthwatering taste of new MUTANT PRO. It's really that good! From Rich Chocolate Milk to Cookies N Cream, from Vanilla Milkshake to Banana Cream. With MUTANT PRO, you're getting a science-backed whey protein that tastes unreal!

    Mutant Pro

  • Mutant Liquid Carnitine 1500
    MUTANT LIQUID CARNITINE 1500 is a great tasting, stimulant-free, fortified L-carnitine supplement. Carnitine has long been used by dieters and athletes looking to boost energy and achieve that 'in shape' look fast! Pure potency, no carbs, no sugars and no fillers: 1500 mg of pure L-Carnitine plus Vitamins B5 & B6 fortified for triple action metabolic support.‡

    Mutant Liquid Carnitine 1500

  • Mutant Biohazard Collage Gray Tee
    Here's one for the all-purpose part of your closet. The MUTANT Biohazard Collage Gray Tee. It's comfy and fits just right, while not being too loud or aggro. 100% cotton, so it's always comfy, it can be worn anywhere from the squat rack to the restaurant. With a collage of MUTANT logos on the front, and Leave Humanity Behind on the back, it's one for the list for sure! The MUTANT Biohazard Collage Gray Tee.

    Mutant Biohazard Collage Gray Tee


  • MUTANT PRO – Is It All About Protein Timing?

    Protein or nutrient timing could be defined as the consumption of protein/nutrients in and/or around an exercise bout. This has been a favored strategy adopted by bodybuilders to optimize numerous performance...

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