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    Finally, a gym bag as HARDCORE as you are. Introducing the MUTANT #LIFTTOKILL gym bag from MUTANT MUSCLE WEAR (M2W). This abrasion resistant gym bag features large zippered front and back pockets with MASSIVE MUTANT logo embroidery. Deep, zippered side pockets give even more storage options with matching MUTANT Bio-Hazard logos. The main storage compartment consists of MUTANT logoed lining and was constructed to hold all your gym gear, travel gear, and favorite MUTANT supplements. With durable woven top handles and a reliable, padded shoulder strap embroidered with our #LIFTTOKILL hashtag, you can hit the gym in undeniable style and comfort.
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  • M2W Black #LHB Premium Zip-Up Hoodie
    Step things up with this M2W BLACK #LHB PREMIUM ZIP-UP HOODIE. Heavy, soft, durable and made to measure, this is a gym hoodie like no other. A perfect 80/20 cotton/poly fleece blend means this hoodie will do any job you demand of it. It showcases MUTANT's logo on the upper left chest, the initials LHB down the left arm and Leave Humanity Behind screened across the back. Nothing was left to chance when crafting and detailing this hoodie. Grab it, wear it and be impossible to miss.
    Buy a Black Hoodie, get a free Beanie

    M2W Black #LHB Premium Zip-Up Hoodie

  • MUTANT PRO 100
    MUTANT PRO 100 is a protein shake that's so amazingly delicious you will want to try all SEVEN mouth-watering, awe-inspiring, flat out gorgeously gourmet flavors! Each 100% gourmet flavor is thick, rich and extra creamy, with absolutely no chalky or bitter after taste. They go down smooth & easy and will rock your taste buds! Each scoop of MUTANT PRO 100 feeds your body with 25 grams of pure whey protein from 3 whey protein sources (concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzed whey proteins). No "proprietary blend" and no hidden ingredients. Just high protein from 100% whey — no compromise, no nonsense — and now ABSOLUTELY 100% GOURMET!

    MUTANT PRO 100


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