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mutant Produkte in Schweiz
habe mutant Produkte aus dem http://www.bodyhealthshop.ch in Schweiz gefunden
bodybuilder Schweiz Aug 7, 2014
Awesome stuff!!!
Standing at 6'7'' and, at the start of my training, weighing in at 190pounds, I spent ages researching on weight gainers. I saw loads with amazing amounts of calories but some were just huge numbers of sugars, or just one type of carb.

When I came across Mutant Mass, I guess at first it was the name that caught my fancy. I had never tried other Mutant supplements.
So I ordered two 15 pound bags of the cookies and cream flavour.

I was taking 2-3 full servings a day. The flavour at first was a bit sweet, but it was nice. I just felt a tad sick after the first few servings.
Once I had become used to the flavour, I actually started to enjoy it, and would after my workout, be looking forward to the shake.

As for results, they were great. I was eating 3000 calories of whole food a day from clean sources. On training days I had 3 full servings that bumped me up to 6000 calories. And on rest days, I had 2 full servings.

After six months I had shot from 190 to 220 pounds. My body fat barely changed and my waist actually was an inch smaller, whilst the major body parts had all grown dramatically.

Im not sure of exact muscle to fat I gained, but my abs showed very nicely at the end. Also I didn't really do exact tracking of strength gains, but I was adding small increments on a weekly basis without hitting a plateau (yet).

All in all, a great product. Nice taste (especially if you have a sweet tooth). Fantastic size gains, no bloating (for me anyway), good energy and it mixes well which is unusual for a weight gainer.

I will be getting more, though might try the other flavours just to see.
Anthony Aug 1, 2014

2 Item(s)