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Adam Rochester , Brand Ambassador

DATE OF BIRTH: September 18, 1991, in New South Wales, Australia
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Melbourne, Australia
HEIGHT: 6' (183 cm)
CONTEST WEIGHT: 260 lb (118 kg)

I'm from the land down under where the Vegemite sandwich was born. Australia! I started training at 17. I was chubby and wanted to look better and attract the females, HAHA, and with a few months of lifting I scored some.

I made gains very quickly and I was hooked. I was playing tennis and AFL Australian football at the time, but I wanted to be bigger than the other kids. As I learned about diet and started to eat better, I grew heaps more. I was amazed with how the body could be changed, and this pushed me to the next level. I wanted to compete.

I first competed at 19 years old, I came 2nd. Then I did two other shows and came 5th out of a big line up. Being six feet tall was hard to fill out, but I got super lean at 82 kgs. After a planned three years off, I hit the stage again weighing 93 kg. I placed 2nd again. At my next comp I plan to be at least 105-110 kg for my height.

I love going to the beach, having fun, and being a kid. From dirt bike riding, to going to theme parks, I like doing adventurous stuff. I hate being a hermit. I know most bodybuilders are all "eat, sleep, train, repeat." Not me! I still need to have fun. I'm still very athletic. Whether it's climbing, tennis, or doing backflips into the water, I need to move around and get active.