The MUTANT MANSION is back! It's been a very long time since the last MUTANT MANSION, which was in Denver in 2013. We were due. This time we decided to bring the boys closer to HQ (which is in the Vancouver, Canada area).

These shoots are difficult and exhausting, and you have to stay on your toes and be ready to change plans as things happen. The logistics of setting something up like this are mind-boggling! Take the mansion itself, for example. It was actually our 3rd booking. The first house we had reserved ended up with a flooded basement, and the homeowner cancelled on us. Then after attempting a 2nd booking at a different home, and answering some strange questions from the homeowner, that one was cancelled too. Luckily 3rd time is a charm, and we ended up with a beautiful home in West Vancouver that had a ridiculous view of the city and was close to Genesis Fitness (where we would be shooting the training content over the next several days.) That's just booking the house...which really should be the easiest part of the whole event.

Next is coming up with the shoot schedule. We've got to figure out what we're going to shoot, with who, when, where, what props or product we need, and so on. The point of a MANSION shoot is to get a TON of content all in one stretch, which takes the pressure off us for the next several months. I came up with a schedule that had a wide mix: training content for sure, but some MUTANT Meals, some "field trips," some roundtables, and a few other tidbits here and there. I thought we had it all locked down. Ready to go. But things change quickly...

On the first day of shooting, in fact, the very first hour of shooting, Big Ron tore his quad. It was a freak accident and apparently the doc says it was probably going to go at some point soon anyways. It's horrible, and we were all shocked, but the show must go on. Because the schedule for the next few days included Ron throughout, I had to rewrite everything now that we'd just have Dusty, Renaldo and Gabe. We still got a lot of content, but there were definitely things we just couldn't do without Ron. Had to axe the field trips, for example. Also had to axe the ad series we were shooting when Ron got hurt.

In the end, I'm still happy with the content we got. We shot 6 full-length training videos, 3 MUTANT Meals, 5 Roundtables, and a variety of other things. We even got to do some Facebook Live streams from the mansion, which is always fun and interesting. The guys had a good time (other than Ron) and hopefully went home with a renewed excitement about what it means to be a MUTANT. After all, what other brand does this kind of stuff?!

Keep your eyes open for the MANSION content rolling out over the next two months. You'll love it!