This September, when the best bodybuilders in the world take the stage at the Mr Olympia in Las Vegas, every man on that stage will know that they earned the right to be there. One man who is no stranger to that stage, is MUTANT's own Johnnie Jackson. JOJ will be entering his 13th Mr Olympia this year, a feat that only a handful of men have ever done. Who's on that list? Well here it is...

• 13 Mr Olympias: Al Beckles, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Jay Cutler
• Ronnie Coleman (15 appearances)
• Dexter Jackson (an amazing 18)

MUTANT is incredibly proud of Johnnie, and want to wish him the absolute best at this year's Olympia in Vegas. To have competed in as many as he has, is obviously a testament to his durability, commitment, and ability to handle the mental rigors of the highest level of competition.

His career has been a celebration of the roots of hardcore bodybuilding - Hard work, done over and over again, for the pure love of it. A Hall Of Fame career, competing against the greatest bodybuilders from three different eras. He competed against the last of the 90's guys who were still on stage in 2002 when he debuted as a pro, like Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier and Lee Priest. Then he was there when Jay and Ronnie were battling all those years. Finally, he has competed against the newest generation in the Heath era. He has seen an amazing level of competition and continued to not only qualify for the Olympia, but win shows right into the latest stages of his career, with TWO wins this year at 46 years old.

Please check out the video we have just released. We wanted to do a little something to celebrate his 13th appearance this year at the Olympia.

Good luck in Vegas this year Johnnie! You're an inspiration.