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  • MUTANT BCAA 9.7 Energy
    MUTANT BCAA 9.7 Energy starts with 9.7 grams of vegan BCAAs, EAAs and other free-form amino acids to optimize recovery. To power you through even the toughest workouts, each serving also contains a pharmaceutical-inspired delivery system to disperse an instant and timed-release hit of caffeine during your workout. The first blast of power kicks in immediately, followed by a second wave of energy one hour later. This keeps your stamina consistent throughout your entire workout. BCAA 9.7 Energy gives you a clean, steady energy with absolutely no crash! The formula also includes eight researched electrolytes to keep your muscles hydrated while you blast your performance to the max. BCAA 9.7 Energy can also be used on non-training days anytime you need an energy boost.
    In the Canadian Official MUTANTshop, customers can purchase apparel and clothing; for our supplement line, head over to one of our official retailers.

    MUTANT BCAA 9.7 Energy

  • Mutant LHB Black Thermal Long Sleeve Sweater
    No bodybuilder's wardrobe is complete without a thermal. Form-fitting, and good for dinner or deadlifts, this thermal shows everyone you're very serious about your muscle. Our old school logo down the chest and Leave Humanity Behind on the arm give it that true MUTANT look and feel. The MUTANT LHB BLACK LONG SLEEVE THERMAL.

    Mutant LHB Black Thermal Long Sleeve Sweater

  • Mutant 05 Black Pullover Hoodie
    This is going to be a favorite with all of MUTANT NATION. The all-new MUTANT 05 BLACK PULLOVER HOODIE is made tough and rugged. Built to last through brutal workouts and lots of abuse. Celebrating when MUTANT started, the 05 logo takes back to our roots. The fit and finish show how far we have come. This is a really nice hoodie. If you love to wear a good pullover, then we have the one for you. The MUTANT 05 BLACK PULLOVER HOODIE.

    Mutant 05 Black Pullover Hoodie

  • Mutant Evolution Red Zip-Up Hoodie
    The evolution of our brand is celebrated on the sleeve of this amazing hoodie. Logos from years gone by, show the different phases of MUTANT, from 2005-to present day. With deep embroidered logos, thick branded drawstrings, and a heavy-duty metal zipper, this hoodie can handle a lot of wear and tear. It's the MUTANT EVOLUTION RED ZIP-UP HOODIE.

    Mutant Evolution Red Zip-Up Hoodie

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Fat Loss

    Summer is imminently upon us and as such, many people look to extreme measures to reduce body fat in a short period of time...

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